We have been building floating docks and servicing the Muskoka and Northern Ontario area for over 15 years.

We use resilient and durable high density polyethylene pipe which is used in municipal, mining and industrial applications.

For most dock applications we use 18” diameter pipe that has an average wall thickness of  5/8” and will float approx 95lb per foot.

Docks need to be used with  a shore access ramp which comes with 1 pontoon at the dock end to provide stability when walking onto the dock.  The access ramp is secured to the shoreline.

The dock can be left in the water during the winter months, just disconnect from the access ramp and tie off to a secure fixture on shore and let if float freely to allow for movement in the ice.  However, if your shoreline typically gets large bodies of ice moving onto it, the dock should be moved to a protected bay or cove.  This can easily be done by towing with a boat.

Many factors need to be considered when planning your new dock.  Keep in mind local and provincial laws and limitations.  Ministry of Natural Resources may need to be contacted if you are doing any significant shore work.

Dock possibilities are endless.  We also offer a 3 in 1 - Dock / Dock Boat / Swim Raft. We simply install a transom for a small motor and now your dock can move around the lake.

We can build your decking out of various materials for the framing and decking.

We can build you a totally environmentally friendly floating dock that will last for generations.


*The Plastics Pipe Institute estimates the service life for HDPE pipe to conservatively be 50-100 years.